Imagine mail without the envelope. That’s essentially a self-mailer, a folded piece of literature that has all the information it needs within itself. No need for extra bits of loose paper when they can all be self-contained and folded perfectly into a convenient self-mailing piece. The process starts with a flat printed sheet which is then run through a specialised machine that can fold, glue, perforate, time cut and more all with great accuracy and speed to produce the finished self-mailer. Which is then ready to be mailed out without the need of an envelope.
They can be used for many situations other than just mailing. For example, they can be used as application forms, charity reply forms, inserts in magazines and so much more.

The video above displays the process of a simple self-mailer that involves gluing, attaching and folding


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Ways self-mailers can benefit you

Charity Events

Self-mailers are perfect for when you need to send out a large run of mailers in a cost-effective way. They can be set up as a simple fold out brochure for your supporters to read through with a detachable response form. Our machine can create perforations making the form easy to tear away and it can also attach glue strips allowing the form to be self-mailed back to you.

Loyalty Cards

A great example of self-mailers that aren't mailed out is loyalty cards. They can be found in almost any retail store and can be efficiently produced by our self-mailer machine. The machine can place down semi-permanent drops of glue to attach the card to a booklet whilst still being easy to be removed by a customer.

2-Way Mailers

With 2-way mailers you can set up a letter to be sent and returned all in the one go. Our self-mailer technology can create score lines and add strips of glue so the receiver can fold up their response and use the glue to reseal the letter. It will already have postage information printed onto the letter turning the form into its very own envelope.

Application Forms

Use self-mailer technology to quickly get customers and clients to sign up without having an overload of loose sheets. simply create a sheet of paper that includes valuable information for them to keep and then using perforations have a tear-away section for them to fill out and you to collect.

Sample Layouts

These are just a few different examples we offer, however we are able to work with you and our machine to produce a unique design that suits you.

About DTS

We’ve been in the industry for over 30 years, continually expanding our skillset and cleverly combining traditional print and Direct Mail services with data-driven tools. With our highly capable self-mailing machinery we are able to produce high-quality work at an efficient rate to help you create innovative and engaging designs to truly capture your audience. Our expert team will be with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goal and ensure the outcomes is at the highest possible standard. When you work with us we’ll do our best to make sure you stand out from the crowd!

Our Work

Learn how different self-mailing techniques can all come together to create intricate and attention grabbing pieces of marketing.
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Loyalty Program Pamphlet

This example is of a loyalty program where the company simply want to send out an information package in a way that will grab their customers attention. This simple yet effective self-mailer consists of:

  • Score Lines
  • 3 Folds
  • Printed on a 250GSM card
  • Uses a Gateway Fold

Museum Fundraiser

This classic Self-Mailer is an informative pamphlet with a detachable self-mailer for patrons to reply with. The whole process includes:

  • Score Lines
  • 4 Folds
  • Perforations
  • Re-moist Glue
  • Uses a Rollout Fold

Charity Call-to-Action

This charity mailer contains a lot of information about their organisation and what they are doing but also has a self-mailer attached. The self-mailer contains an area for a donation to be filled out and mailed back without an envelope. This mailer is made up of :

  • Score Lines
  • 4 Folds
  • Perforations
  • Re-moist Glue
  • Uses a Rollout Fold

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