Digital Distribution Services

The rapid evolution of digital media has created new opportunities and avenues for advertising and marketing. Fueled by the proliferation of devices to access digital media, this has led to the exponential growth of digital advertising. It’s a digital world and your customers have embraced it.

Legacy systems do not dictate customer communications

DTS is happy to help you refine your communication strategy to take advantage of digital channels. With electronic communication comes the ability to provide highly personalised content, such as targeted offers and messages, which let you drive customer behavior. Send text messages with useful updates and notifications, or include links to personalised web pages, PDF bills, statements, and other communications.

Broadcast your message on more digital channels

DTS has the technology and software that makes it easy for you to start engaging customers electronically, without large up-front investments. Our expertise makes it possible for you to send the same rich, personalized print communications you have and extend them to digital channels. We can assist you to complete your transition to digital by converting existing communications into track able, customized emails and text messages.

Bespoke Email & SMS Communications

Avoid the downfalls of using traditional email marketing platforms. Here at DTS, the entire email body can be personalised based on a recipient’s profile, including the attachment of statements and personalized URL’s

Design once, deliver to many channels

We understand that our clients have different communications preferences. If you have a print design to reuse, DTS can take it to email and SMS. Start small, attach PDFs to emails. As your electronic delivery initiative grows, the team at DTS can help you create content-rich HTML emails from existing print communications. We can accommodate one-to-one customer communications as well as millions of emails per day, and ensures branding, regulatory, and compliance language consistency.

Consistent Design across all channels

For organisations that are dealing with compliance requirements, managing email, SMS and print communication in multiple systems can be a challenge. DTS is able to provide solutions that extends consistency in design to email and text messaging, allowing us to easily manage multiple channels.

Response Management

DTS can provide solutions that enables your business to capture, track and manage customer responses across all channels. DTS provides all clients using our digital distribution services valuable, actionable, customer insights. We provide reports that tell you who opened emails, clicked links, or unsubscribed. You automatically capture bounce-back and delivery error data. Use this information to fine-tune your marketing approach and create more effective, profitable communications.