DPID Barcodes

The conversion of mailing data to common formats and appending the Australia Post DPID [Delivery Point IDentifier] to ensure maximum postage discounts are achieved.

Merging & De-Duplication

The merging of various files, the removal of duplicate records and/or washing of elimination data, to reduce mail processing and postage costs.


The formatting of data for laser or inkjet printing, including variable data and images.

PDF Documents

If your system can only output PDF documents this does not preclude you from postal discounts. DTS can extract the address details, derive and add the DPID barcode to the address block, then re-sequence the PDF page order before printing. This process works with single, multi or variable page sets like invoices and statements where we add document security through the use of document collation marks for mail insertion.

Databases, Storage & Retrieval

The creation, storage and maintenance of client databases, including the storage of mailed data onto disk with relevant indexing for retrieval when necessary.

Email Delivery & Return Mail Scanning

The formatting of statements, invoices, etc. for delivery via email. The scanning and reporting of returned mail to update databases.